Top 40 Most Anticipated Movies of 2014: Part One – #31-40

Top 40 Most Anticipated Movies of 2014: Part One - #31-40

Last year I made a list of my I’ve already discussed all this, no need to trod the same path over again.

My list would have also been easier to make had I not already seen six films you may want to add to your list of most anticipated:

In fact, two of those films are already on my list of possible contenders for the Best Films of 2014.

And this leads us to the rest of the year, a year where a few sequels make my list of most anticipated as well as a reboot, but for the most part I feel like the closer I got to #1 the more the list was made up of my favorite directors and storytellers. As much as I may not be able to anticipate so many of the big studio offerings each year there are still more than enough films to look forward to each and every month.

For today we’ll take a look at the films I rank from #31-40 and see where this thing takes us throughout the week.

Just below is a navigation that will update as each list is posted throughout the week.

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Let’s get underway…


The Loft

August 29

The Loft
Karl Urban and Wentworth Miller in The Loft

Photo: Universal Pictures

As far as I can tell, The Loft seems to have that B-movie thriller vibe going for it and with a cast as large as this one there has to be at least a few solid moments worth showing up to see.

I have no real clue who director Eric Van Looy is, but the Belgian director managed to land a satisfying cast that includes Karl Urban, James Marsden, Isabel Lucas, Rhona Mitra, Rachael Taylor, Eric Stonestreet and Matthias Schoenaerts as he is remaking his 2008 film of the same name, which also starred Schoenaerts.

A couple trailers came online in the past, but it seems they have all been removed since then so we’ll have to wait until August to see how this one turns out. At best I’m expecting another film along the same lines as Dead Man Down, which I enjoyed more than others.

Five friends who share a loft for their extramarital affairs begin to question one another after the body of an unknown woman is found in the property.


The Maze Runner

September 19

The Maze Runner
Photo: 20th Century Fox

[amz asin=”B002QE3CTY” size=”small”]Can you believe it? 2014 will feature more young adult adaptations brought to the big screen. So why am I “anticipating” this adaptation of the first novel in James Dashner’s book series? To be honest, I’m not all that sure, but something has to be good right?

Fox handed the directorial reins over to first-time feature director Wes Ball, hailing from his days as a graphics and visual effects artist. The concept sounds interesting enough as long as they can pull it off and I know a few RopeofSilicon readers are looking forward to it, which, I guess, slightly ups my interest as well. We’ll see.

Based on the novel by James Dashner, The Maze Runner is a sci-fi film set in a post-apocalyptic world centered on Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) who is deposited in a community of boys after his memory is erased, soon learning they’re all trapped in a maze that will require him to join forces with fellow “runners” for a shot at escape.


Edge of Tomorrow

June 6

Edge of Tomorrow trailer
Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow

Photo: Warner Bros.

[amz asin=”B005LJETYI” size=”small”]Tom Cruise has always been one of my favorite actors, most likely because he’s probably the biggest movie star I grew up watching from an early age. However, even I recognize he’s given few opportunities, such as Magnolia and Collateral, to break out of the stereotypical Cruise performance and from what I can tell, Edge of Tomorrow (based on the graphic novel, “All You Need is Kill”) is no different. That said, if Cruise has a movie coming to theaters, I want to see it, even if it’s directed by Doug Liman who really can’t seem to find his stride as of late after directing some notable titles in the early part of this career.

Oh, and this one has Emily Blunt, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

Lt. Col. Bill Cage (Cruise) is an officer who has never seen a day of combat when he is unceremoniously demoted and then dropped into combat. Cage is killed within minutes, managing to take an alpha alien down with him. But he awakens back at the beginning of the same day and is forced to fight and die again… and again – as physical contact with the alien has thrown him into a time loop.

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