‘Dumb and Dumber To’ Adds Jennifer Lawrence and Harry Dunne Says Hi


Jennifer LawrenceIt would seem Hollywood is just as confused over the word “secret” as they are “exclusive” as apparently Jennifer Lawrence has filmed a secret cameo (via THR) for Dumb and Dumber To as a younger version of Fraida Felcher, the “babe who worked for the tractor company”, which will then be played at an older age in the film by Kathleen Turner.

I guess you could consider it secret if we 1.) didn’t know she would be in the film at all, or 2.) if we didn’t know what the character would be, but to know both seems to be the complete opposite of what it means to be secret.

Additionally, Rob Riggle also has a role in the film, or a dual role if you will, as he’ll play twins, a handyman named Travis and his unstable brother, Captain Lippencott. And with that news, THR revealed what I believe to be the first information regarding the film’s plot saying Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprise their roles as Lloyd and Harry as they hit the road to find Harry’s long-lost daughter to donate a kidney for a transplant.

Finally, Jeff Daniels posted the following Vine video in character as Harry. Enjoy…

As a little bonus, apparently Dumb and Dumber is one of Lawrence’s favorite comedies as she explains to Jimmy Fallon in the following clip.

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