First Look at Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in ‘Dumb and Dumber To’


Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels on the set of Dumb and Dumber To
Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels on the set of Dumb and Dumber To
Photo: Jim Carrey’s Twitter

The only thing that has me remotely confident in the possibility Dumb and Dumber To will be any good is the fact both Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels seem legitimately excited returning to the characters of Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne.

Both have spoken extensively about the new film with Daniels giving a quote most recently to E! Online talking about the scariest thing about returning for the Dumb and Dumber sequel saying, “The scariest thing? There are some things [that] we’re going to do in ‘Dumb and Dumber To’ that make the toilet scene [in the original] seem lame. Pales in comparison and I can’t divulge what, but just that they’ve topped it. [The] best thing about it? I get to work with a comedic genius.”

Production is underway on the film with nothing really known about the plot and Universal has yet to set a release date. Co-starring with Carrey and Daniels, however, are Kathleen Turner, Rachel Melvin, Brady Bluhm, Laurie Holden and Steve Tom.

The picture above of Carrey and Daniels on set comes from Carrey’s Twitter account where I expect we’ll be seeing more than just this.