Box Office Actuals: Leaderboard Updated as ‘Prisoners’ Tops the Weekend


accuracy-leaderboard-923The final weekend box office numbers have arrived and Prisoners dipped a little below estimates to $20.8 million. Not too shabby for the dark thriller, but next weekend it will face off against the nationwide expansion of Rush, though if this weekend’s limited release is any indication audiences may not be too keen on checking out the well-reviewed F1 story.

Opening in only five theaters in New York and Los Angeles, Rush only managed $187,289 for a $37,458 per theaters average. Granted, this may be a fluke result and doesn’t mean we should look at the film with doom and gloom in mind, but I’m sure Universal was hoping for a little more to hang their hat on going into this coming weekend.

The bigger disappointment of the weekend is the dancing b-boys in 3D with Screen Gems’ bust Battle of the Year 3d, which was estimated at $5 million, but only managed a meager $4.6 million once actuals came in.

And finally, Warner’s 3D IMAX re-release of The Wizard of Oz did solid business in 318 theaters, bringing in $3 million.

ATTENTION: I’ve also finally made a change to the official rules for Accuracy Rankings in the RopeofSilicon Box Office Challenge. You now must compete in 80% of the weeks to be listed on the Accuracy Charts. For this week that means you must have posted predictions in 11 of the 14 challenges so far this year. In a standard, 52-week year you will need to compete in 42 of the challenges.

I’ve listed the current top ten for both leaderboards directly below, but you can see the full list of rankings right here and for the complete box office top ten and points awarded for this weekend specifically click here.

Points Leaderboard Top 10

  1. Athar (26 points)
  2. Shaun Heenan (22 points)
  3. CJohn (20 points)
  4. EPayneDDS (20 points)
  5. cineJAB (18 points)
  6. Mykael (18 points)
  7. jonjon (17 points)
  8. Baca (16 points)
  9. rusty (16 points)
  10. Jack Tyler (15 points)

Accuracy Leaderboard Top 10

  1. Matt Taylor – 81.225% accuracy over 14 weeks
  2. Criterion10 – 81.043% accuracy over 11 weeks
  3. maja – 80.805% accuracy over 14 weeks
  4. Arthur Carlson – 80.182% accuracy over 14 weeks
  5. The Movie Guru – 80.092% accuracy over 13 weeks
  6. Andrew13 – 80.081% accuracy over 14 weeks
  7. Exxdee13 – 79.57% accuracy over 14 weeks
  8. Athar – 79.564% accuracy over 14 weeks
  9. Jack Tyler – 79.474% accuracy over 14 weeks
  10. Ryan Maddux – 78.818% accuracy over accuracy over 12 weeks

Again, you can find both full leaderboards right here.