Pair of ‘Divergent’ Posters Premiere


It’s impossible to tell which one of these young adult adaptations will actually connect with audiences or if the fanbases are large enough to turn the film into a hit. The The Hunger Games, Twilight and Harry Potter fanbases were clearly more than just the young adults targeted by the material, but films such as The Mortal Instruments and Percy Jackson don’t seem to capture the imaginations in the same way.

So, how will Divergent perform once it hits theaters on March 21, 2014? It seems like a crapshoot, though it also seems as if there is only room for one major franchise based on the same thematic element at one time and in those terms it seems like Divergent may have a bit too much Hunger Games in it to truly compete.

Here’s the plot:

Divergent is a thrilling adventure centered around the monumental choice of deciding who you are and discovering who you can be. Set in a future where America is divided into five ideological factions to stabilize society and uphold peace, every citizen must choose a permanent faction at age 16 – either their own or another. Struggling to survive her initiation into the most aggressive and physically demanding of the factions, Beatrice Prior must uncover her true hidden strengths and risk her family, her new found love, and her very own life to defuse a mysterious conspiracy which could change the balance of power forever.

The first two posters were released today over at Yahoo featuring the film’s two lead characters in Beatrice (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James). Check them both out below.