First Official Picture of Tom Hardy in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’


Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road
Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road
Photo: Warner Bros.

A distorted and Mad Max: Fury Road, the fourth film in the Mad Max franchise in which Hardy takes on the role made famous by Mel Gibson, a hardened ex-cop in a future beset by gas shortages and marauding gangs.

Fury Road is expected to hit theaters next year and has been in development and then production for one hell of a long time and it’s not quite done yet as three more weeks of production will take place between now and the end of the year with casting for new characters reportedly taking place. Filming originally wrapped last December so who’s to say what the end product will look like.

That said, who knows what the story has become since we first heard about the project, but as far as I know the film is said to take place a short while after 1985’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome with a story focused on Max and the “Five Wives,” a group of women Max must protect from the bad guys.

Along with Hardy the film co-stars Charlize Theron, Zoe Kravitz, Nicholas Hoult and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and is directed by George Miller.