What I Watched, What You Watched #208


wiw-9113This was a really light week of movie watching for me, which I guess is only appropriate since I’m currently hoping to fit about 29 movies into nine days at the Toronto Film Festival beginning September 5.

As for what I did watch this week, I saw already reviewed and hopefully you avoided because it’s the definition of “shit” cinema.

Other than that, I had a mini-vacation weekend and was able to do a little relaxing before heading back into the film festival grind, but it appears films such as Prisoners and 12 Years a Slave are well worth seeing and I’ve even seen positive buzz for Under the Skin, which means Toronto may deliver even more fantastic film viewing options for the final third of this year. We’ve had a few great films so far this year and I’ve already listed those I’m most anticipating. But before we look too far ahead, what did you watch this week?