EXCL: Peirce Developing Romantic Sex Comedy with Apatow


In case you missed it, ComingSoon.net had a chance to speak with Judd Apatow earlier this week–an interview you can read here–and towards the end of that interview, Apatow mentioned two names of filmmakers he’ll be working with in developing future projects: Kimberly Peirce, the award-winning filmmaker behind Boys Don’t Cry, and John Carney, director of the 2007 sleeper hit Once.

Apatow has already become known for his support of indie filmmakers by bringing them onto direct his various television shows, and that carried over to the films he’s produced, specifically the two vehicles based on Seth Rogen scripts, with Greg Mottola directing Superbad and David Gordon Green helming last year’s Pineapple Express.

After hearing Ms. Peirce’s name mentioned, ComingSoon.net got in touch with the filmmaker to learn more about the project she’s developing with Apatow and received the reply:

“I am thrilled and excited to be working with Judd on an Untitled Romantic Sex Comedy that I am writing to direct.”

A quick stop at Peirce’s Official Site and we may get a few more clues about the project if it is indeed the one described thusly:

“•Kimberly is also writing UNTITLED ROMANTIC COMEDY ’08 in the vein of Pedro Almodovar and Woody Allen in which a “guy’s” group of friends resuscitates him from the worst possible breakup, and trains him to find true love in this gender twist on the classic romantic comedy.”

Currently, there are no further details about the project Apatow is developing with John Carney, who is currently working on an oddly-titled Irish comedy called Zonad.