Neeson vs. Wolf: Storyboard Depicting Unseen Final Fight in ‘The Grey’


Grey Final Fight storyboard
Photo: Ray Harvie / Joe Carnahan

There was a lot of discussion regarding the ending of The Grey on this site. My article “Did You Hate the Ending to ‘The Grey’? Why?” continues to get reads to this day.

Upon the film’s release there were two camps with regards to the ending. The most vocal of which hated the end of the film in which Liam Neeson is face-to-face with the alpha wolf and just as Neeson springs into action, the film cuts to black and the credits roll. There is a brief coda at the end of the film, but this offered very little consolation to those that were upset they didn’t get to see the Neeson vs. Wolf battle they felt the trailers suggested would take place.

As we already know, writer/director Joe Carnahan shot the ending with the fight between the two alpha “dogs”, telling Daily Blam, “I had a different version of the ending that we shot that’s this big blowout with Liam and the wolf… maybe I’ll put it out as a deleted scene. I didn’t want to hand feed anything to the audience, I want to make them think about the film and extrapolate their own conclusion. But there’s a scene that plays after the credits that’s really fun. I did that for pure artistic expression. [People] that we’ve shown it to cheered.”

Unfortunately for those looking for the deleted ending on the DVD/Blu-ray you didn’t get it, but today Carnahan tweeted out the above storyboard from artist Ray Harvie, depicting what it may have looked like. In the tweet he wrote:

And by the way, if you’ve never seen the post-credits ending, give it a watch below.

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