Eisner, Adler and McCarthy Making Nocturne

Eric Eisner (Hamlet 2), Gil Adler (Superman Returns), and Shane McCarthy (untitled Robert Cooley mob drama at Paramount) will produce Havana Nocturne, a story of gangsters in 1950’s Cuba based on T.J. English’s New York Times best-seller, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Nocturne” centers on a group of mainly American gangsters in Batista’s Cuba, particularly Meyer Lansky, who run the freewheeling country’s casinos, nightclubs and other debaucherous businesses, and the rivalries that emerge as they lead the high life.

But the good times of their so-called “mobsters paradise” threaten to end when Castro’s rebels and the Cuban Revolution begin to gather steam.

Matt Cirulnick has signed on to write the script.

“We really want to show Havana and Cuba as a character at a time that it’s booming,” Eisner said. “This is about mobsters who don’t only control a few business but try to control an entire country, and the tension that results when their plans go awry.”


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