Upcoming Robin Hood Set Filmed

UK site Hey U Guys tells us they paid another visit to the Robin Hood “Forrest Set” near Farnham in Surrey and have taken a lot of photos and made a video montage of the set. Here’s what they learned (Spoiler ahead!):

* Filming in the villages will begin shooting next week

* The village will be burnt down once the filming has finished (I hope!) and this will form part of the plotline

* The castle completion is running behind schedule and should be finished by now but hopes to be completed within the next couple of weeks

* Huge stables are being erected around the Forrest area to deal the hundreds of horses that will be used as they have done on the beach in Pembrokeshire

* The signs that lead up to the site say MMF which stands for ‘Merry Men Films’!

* Harry Potter 7 will be using the castle once the shoot for Robin Hood has left

You can check out their coverage here.

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