Carey Mulligan is Gordon Gecko’s Daughter?


Scoopmeister “El Mayimbe” at Latino Review has been busy doing more poking around Oliver Stone’s Money Never Sleeps, the sequel to the 1987 thriller Wall Street, taking place 21 years after the original with Michael Douglas reprising his role as Gordon Gecko. Shia LaBeouf and Javier Bardem have already been cast, but now Latino Review is reporting that British actress Carey Mulligan is joining the cast as Gordon Gecko’s daughter Winnie, who is Shia LaBeouf’s fiancée in the story.

As “Mayimbe” says:

Winnie Gecko plays a major part in the story as she is the fiancee of Jacob (Shia LaBeouf’s character). Winnie hasn’t spoken to her father Gordon in 11 years while he was away in prison. Winnie and Gordon’s relationship is estranged since she blames her father for the suicide of her brother Rudy.

Carey Mulligan made waves at Sundance with her role in Lone Scherfig’s An Education, which many have already predicted will get her awards attention this Fall, so one can expect that her role in this movie will be even more high-profile once more people have a chance to see her breakout role.

Right now, we’ll have to consider this as a very strong rumor until 20th Century Fox releases an announcement confirming it, but “Mayimbe” has been correct so far in his reports on this project.

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