Early ‘Hunger Games’ Twitter Love and Clip


Apparently Lionsgate held a special press screening of The Hunger Games (3/23) in Los Angeles for select movie bloggers and today lifted the embargo to the point those that were in attendance were allowed to tweet their reactions. I know someone that will be at the premiere tonight so I’ll soon be getting an opinion from someone that knows my specific tastes, but for now we have this Tweet round-up:

“I have visited The Hunger Games. And they were awesome. I think I loved the movie, as good as the book. Had a LOTR-epic feeling by the end.” ~ Alex Billington (FirstShowing.net)

“I’m getting in line behind my colleagues to say that The Hunger Games is terrific- thoughtful, thrilling, well-acted & emotionally engaging.” ~ Todd Gilchrist

“Completely surprised by THE HUNGER GAMES. Loved it. Dark, exciting, ambiguous sci-fi allegory. Another amazing performance from J. Lawrence.” ~ Jeremy Smith (Ain’t It Cool News)

“Oh, right: I can now say that I loved THE HUNGER GAMES. Captured what I loved in the books, J. Law and cast solid, am now on Team Hutcherson” ~ Jen Yamato (Movieline)

“Apparently I can now tell you that The Hunger Games is pretty great. Apparently.” ~ Drew McWeeny (HitFix.com)

“Full review still embargoed, but I can now reveal Hunger Games is great. As a fan, I think the film really nails the tone of the book.” ~ Eric Goldman (IGN)

I’ll be seeing the movie next Monday, but these positive reaction certainly gives me something to look forward to and also explains why Lionsgate bumped our Seattle press screening up from Wednesday before release to Monday.

That said, here’a new clip from the film featuring Josh Hutcherson as Peeta in his pre-Hunger Games interview with Caesar (Stanley Tucci).

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