Meet John Carter of Earth in a Ten Minute Clip from ‘John Carter’


John Carter ten minute clip
Don Stark and Taylor Kitsch in John Carter

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

Disney is doing everything they can to get the word out on John Carter and in one sense RopeofSilicon is about to do some of the work for them as Kevin attended the junket for the film a few weeks back and we’ll have his interviews with Willem Dafoe and Lynn Collins plus a third piece over the coming days, not to mention my review. However, before we get to all that, Disney has released a ten minute clip from the film, giving you a look at what is essentially the first ten minutes of the film.

Okay, it’s not exactly the first ten minutes, but it’s close enough as you’ll get a look at the Earthly John Carter (played by Taylor Kitsch) just before he makes his trip from Earth to Mars where he meets all manner of strange beings and gets deeply involved in alien politics. Also featured in the clip are Don Stark (“That ’70s Show”) and Bryan Cranston (“Breaking Bad”, Drive).

I have seen the film and will be recommending it and above all else, I thought the ending was excellent in that it only made me want to see more. I’ll have a full review shortly, but if you’re in doubt as to whether you want to go see this film or not this Friday, March 9, give the clip below a watch.

Stay tuned for much more on John Carter throughout the week and for more information, pictures and trailers click here.

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