I’d Make a Terrible Demigod, “What? Lava Monster? I’m Out!”


Lava monster thing in Wrath of the Titans

Photo: Warner Bros.

I caught a trailer for Wrath of the Titans in front of my screening of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance recently and as I was watching two things struck me; 1) There are a TON of big ol’ beasties in this thing from slobbering monsters, Cyclops, lava rock creatures, two-headed dragon-like whatchamacallits and then that big ass lava monster and 2) I wouldn’t be messing with any of them.

You can take that comment as seriously as you wish, but isn’t there a point in these things where it’s just sort of like, “Enough already, stop throwing things at me and the protagonist and just tell me a story.” At what point are there too many obstacles in the way of a story? This isn’t a videogame, the audience shouldn’t feel as if they need to watch the hero overcome some massive goal at each turn just to get to the next scene. After all, the ending of most videogames is such a letdown why should we expect these movies to be any different?

And then there’s this…

Rosamund Pike in Wrath of the Titans

Photo: Warner Bros.

Is anyone believing Rosamund Pike as warrior Queen Andromeda in this picture? In full motion as the trailer plays, this moment elicits a laugh out of me more than anything else.

I guess what I’m getting to is this, watch the new trailer for Wrath of the Titans below and tell me what you think? Looking good or like a big, loud 3-D mess? Will you be heading to the theater on March 30 or will you be staying home?

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