How Many Can You Name? The Animated ABCs of Cinema


ABCs of Cinema
The ABCs of Cinema
Photo: Evan Seitz

This is certain to go viral as Evan Seitz has put together a 58-second short featuring the animated ABCs of Cinema with a separate animation and audio snippet for 26 different films to represent each letter of the alphabet.

The snippets happen very quickly and while watching I’m not ashamed to say several stumped me, though I was particularly impressed with the film he started with as well as his choices for M, N, U, V, Y and Z.

Three I wish I could change are for letters E as I believe he could have done the obvious E.T. reference or something cool with The Exorcist or Eyes Wide Shut. I totally expected one of the Harry Potter films for H and I wish he hadn’t gone with an unreleased film in that place as maybe Halloween would have been a more interesting choice and Q is a tough one as a couple of obvious alternatives would be The Queen or Quantum of Solace, but there is already one Bond film among the mix so not like he’d go with two.

This, of course, is just me creating conversation. The work is quite fun and after you watch I have included the answers on the second page along with the video a second time if you’d like to watch with the answers right in front of you.


Answers for each letter are on page two

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