‘Ides of March’ and Criterion’s ‘Traffic’ and ‘Belle de Jour’ Lead the Week’s New DVD and Blu-ray Releases

This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: January 17, 2012

The Ides of March
The Ides of March on DVD Blu-ray today
Studios really need to widen their windows when it comes to films being released in theaters and then on DVD and Blu-ray. The fact Moneyball is already on DVD and Blu-ray and now The Ides of March lessens the films somewhat in my mind. There’s no urgency. The film just left theaters a week ago and is now available to own at home. The rush to get content to people is cheapening the product and good films such as this are suffering for it.

I can just imagine the conversation, “Did you see The Ides of March?” “Which one is that?” “The one with Ryan Gosling and George Clooney.” “The political one?” “Yeah.” “No, didn’t see it.” “You should, it’s even better the second time around.” “I’ll try and check it out, but I really can’t wait for The Dark Knight Rises.”

Suffice to say, I think you should check out The Ides of March. I hope some of you caught it in the theater and I do think it is better the second time around.

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Traffic (Criterion Collection)
Traffic (Criterion Collection) on DVD Blu-ray today
I just posted right here. This is an edition I’ve wanted to own ever since Criterion released it on DVD, but I held off, wanting to own it in high definition, particularly because of the film processing techniques Soderbergh used and I can tell you now, it is worth it for the transfer as well as the great group of special features.

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Belle de Jour (Criterion Collection)
Belle de Jour (Criterion Collection)
I am about 75% done with my review of this one and I should have it online this afternoon. I have only seen two Luis Bunuel films and when watching this it was my second time seeing it and Criterion has put together a great package. Like Traffic, the transfer is great, but the audio commentary and a video piece featuring writer and sexual-politics activist Susie Bright and film scholar Linda Williams also adds some great things to the conversation.

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Courageous on DVD Blu-ray today
From the people that brought you the firefighter drama Fireproof comes the police officer drama Courageous. I haven’t seen either film, but they both did quite well in theaters and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were halfway decent melodramas.

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Abduction on DVD Blu-ray today
I think even Taylor Lautner fans disliked this film.

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Bucky Larson: Born to Be A Star
Bucky Larson: Born to Be A Star on DVD Blu-ray today
No one liked Bucky Larson. Are you going to buy it?

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