Wanted Producers Acquire Dear Dracula

Kickstart Entertainment has picked up the rights to the 2008 Image/Shadowline comic book “Dear Dracula” by writer Joshua Williamson. Vincente Navarrete illustrated the 48-page volume released through Silverline.

Most definitely a kids tale, “Dracula” concerns a horror-lovin’ boy who decides to write to the famous bloodsucker on Halloween just as anyone his age would write to Santa Claus. Initially, the project was to be developed as a stop-motion film, however, now the producers have opted to make it a CGI feature.

Williamson and Navarrete are penning the script for Kickstart, a production outfit which also produced Wanted. “We’ve kept everything from the book and expanded on it. If people enjoyed the book, they’re going to love the movie,” Williamson tells Comic Book Resources in a recent interview.


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