‘Dark Knight Rises’ Six Minute Prologue Confirmed for 70mm IMAX


Dark Knight Rises prologue in front of Mission Impossible 4AMC has posted a confirmation to last week’s report that a six-minute prologue to The Dark Knight Rises will play in front of IMAX screenings of Paramount’s Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol when the fourth Mission: Impossible film hits theaters on December 16.

There is one particular detail, however, the Dark Knight Rises prologue footage will only be shown on 70mm IMAX screens, not the smaller, digital IMAX screens found in many multiplexes around the country. I like that decision, if they want to see it they have to see it in the best possible format. It also tells me director Christopher Nolan is just as confident in The Dark Knight Rises as he was with The Dark Knight.

UPDATE: It was asked in the comments and I replied there, but I figured I’d add this information to the post as well. I used the search feature on this site and it looks like there are 95 theaters in the United States that show IMAX films in the 70mm format. Sort through their results and you should be able find the closest one to you.

This will simply be a repeat of how Warner Bros. handled the pre-release of The Dark Knight in 2008 when they debuted the opening scene introducing Heath Ledger as the Joker in front of I Am Legend. Now we just have to wonder, what will this prologue debut? Catwoman? Bane? Batman on the run?

I made a point to not see the Dark Knight prologue and I think I’ll avoid this one unless it’s shown in front of the Seattle screening of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. At least it’s footage from the very beginning of the film, not shown out of order or spoiling anything that happens later in the film. That I can handle.

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