Lucas, Moore Talk About Disney’s Tomorrowland


While in Las Vegas promoting The Hangover, the writers of Warner Bros.’ R-rated comedy, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, told about the new project they are working on for Disney called Tomorrowland, based on the themed land at the company’s theme parks.

Dwayne Johnson will star in the film as Rip, a test pilot who gets shot into the future.

Q: The original “Tomorrowland” was a 1960’s vision of the future. What’s the angle you’re taking?

Jon Lucas: Slightly faster.

Scott Moore: Disney had such success with “Pirates of the Caribbean,” they basically want to do “Pirates of the Caribbean” in space. They want it to be big, fun, adventure, comedy. Our vision of the future and whether we’re successful or not is actually not retro, but what would be the coolest future?

Lucas: We’re really asking you because we don’t know yet. We have the script due in like a month.

Moore: I hate having to do laundry and go to the dry cleaner so I just want a closet where you throw your clothes in there and you open it up and everything is done.

Lucas: We want to do a movie that’s not dystopia. I actually think the arch of human history is bending towards better things generally. Not always, but sort of. Things are better now than they were 2000 years ago. Somehow in the future like 100 years from now, everything has gotten dark and it’s this horrible world. Our crazy idea is what if our future is actually good.

Moore: It’s based on a Disney [themed land] too.

Lucas: Yeah, so we can’t take this really dark.

The studio has not set a release date yet for the picture.

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