Trailer for Cannes Critics Week Winner ‘Take Shelter’

Michael Shannon in Take Shelter
Photo: Sony Pictures Classics

I appear to be the only one that has seen Jeff Nichols’ Take Shelter and absolutely refuse to bow at its feet. The film was picked up by Sony Classics out of Sundance and screened as part of the Critics’ Week sidebar in Cannes where it came home the winner of the Nespresso Grand Prize. I was not impressed, however, calling it “a transient-man’s version of the Coen brothers’ A Serious Man” and “the apocalyptic counterpart to Field of Dreams.” I had plenty of discussions about it at Cannes and continued to be the only dissenting voice among the pack.

I also found it highly comical when the only comment on my review is from someone named “terrence” who tells me “Take Shelter wins Grand Prix at Cannes. I think you jumped the gun. Maybe you should re evaluate your critique. Take Shelter was amazing. Your review makes me not want to ever visit your site again.” Luckily I don’t base my opinion on awards or other people’s thoughts on a film, which I guess means we’ve seen the last of “terrence”.

However, don’t let my opinion stop you from considering a film everyone else obviously loves. After all, a dissenting opinion is just the starting point for good conversation. I will say this for the film, Michael Shannon gives a great performance and just like The Greatest and Revolutionary Road before it, Shannon has once again managed to outshine the poor film he’s in.

All that said, the trailer for the film has just been released and I’ve included it directly below. Sony Classics will release the film on October 7, you can read my review from Cannes right here.