What I Watched, What You Watched: Installment #94


I don’t have any movies to mention outside of all the films I saw at the Cannes Film Festival and you can get links to all of those right here, but there was one film I did see at the fest that I did not review, other than Kung Fu Panda 2, which I’ve been asked not to review until opening day. So, I offer up that title for this week’s “What I Watched,” but I’m sure I’ll have more to share next Sunday.

The Conquest (2011)
The Conquest poster
QUICK THOUGHTS: This was the only film I saw at Cannes that I did not offer a full review for. I just didn’t have much to say about The Conquest, primarily because it was a French film made for a French audience. I tried to make that angle work for a review, but it became a bit redundant, boring and overall not very interesting.

The story centers on the rise of French president Nicolas Sarkozy and ends with his 2007 election win. While that sounds rather straight-forward, the film isn’t a straight drama, it’s more of a satirical drama with plenty of humorous bits and winks that only a French audience will catch. While I was able to follow it just fine and did have a bit of an understanding of where it was coming from based on conversations I had with the folks that run the French movie site CinemaTeaser.com, I still thought it would be a bit naive for me to make a commentary on the film based on what I’ve heard from others rather than my own firsthand knowledge… see, I’m already getting redundant.

This film will likely never find its way to the States, but if you’re interested the trailer is directly below.