Brand New Pics and 3 Clips from Almodovar’s ‘The Skin I Live In’

Photo: Sony Pictures Classics

I will be seeing Pedro Almodovar’s The Skin I Live In tomorrow morning, or to be more precise, approximately 17 hours from the posting of this article. It’s one of three remaining films I’ve been waiting all of the Cannes Film Festival to see and on the eve of the screening I have received 16 new images from the film along with the following three brand new clips.

The story, for those that don’t know, centers on a plastic surgeon (Antonio Banderas) who exacts terrible revenge on the man who raped his daughter. Co-starring with Banderas are Elena Anaya and Marisa Paredes.

You can check out the three clips below and click here to browse our gallery of 21 total images.

Clip #1

Clip #2

Clip #3

The Skin I Live In will be released by Sony PIctures Classics later this year.