‘Drive Angry 3D’ Steals from ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’ with Gunfight + Sex Clip

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Looks like Nicolas Cage’s Drive Angry 3D is doing its very best to make sure it mimics Michael Davis’s 2007 Clive Owen starrer Shoot ‘Em Up as Summit has released an extremely not safe for work clip of Cage getting in a gunfight mid-coital. It’s a scene that brings back obvious memories of the sex scene between Owen and Monica Bellucci in Shoot ‘Em Up (watch that one here), but it does its very best to incorporate 3D with an axe flying at the camera and other such nonsense.

Drive Angry 3D was written by Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier. Lussier also directs with this serving as his follow-up to 2009’s My Bloody Valentine. The film stars Nic Cage, William Fichtner, Amber Heard, Billy Burke, David Morse, Christa Campbell and Tom Atkins. As for who the young lady in the video is, that I’m not sure of. However, I’m sure she believes this scene will turn into plenty of work in the future, it’s just a question of what industry that work will be in.

And one last time for emphasis, the following clip is extremely not safe for work. So if you hit play and your boss wanders over and wonders why you’re watching Nicolas Cage have sex whilst shooting a bunch of people don’t get made at me. You’ve been warned.

Drive Angry 3D hits theaters on February 25. For more on the film including pictures and additional video click here.


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