Exclusive R-Rated ‘Welcome to the Rileys’ Clip Features a Vulgar Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Rileys
Photo: Samuel Goldwyn Films

It’s frustrating to say the very least there has not been a Seattle press screening of Welcome to the Rileys as it is set to open in New York, Los Angeles and Boston theaters tomorrow, October 29. I’ve read a smattering of opinions on the film, both good and bad, and of all things it seems like it is a bit of an emotional ride. However, I’d love to have an opinion of my own to share with you, but while I don’t have that, at least I have something to share…

The film stars Kristen Stewart, in a massive departure from the Twilight franchise, as Mallory, a 17-year-old prostitute who forms a platonic bond with Doug (James Gandolfini) during his business trip to New Orleans. Doug and his wife Lois (Melissa Leo) have a marriage that’s on the rocks and as he extends his stay to help Mallory, it may end up being the one thing that brings he and his wife back together.

Just below is an exclusive, 92-second red band (definitely not safe for work) clip from the film featuring Mallory and Doug having an argument after one of Mallory’s tricks goes bad and she is left empty-handed on the side of the road.

For more on the film you can click here.

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