Box-Office Oracle: Oct. 1 – Oct. 3, 2010

In terms of total dollars, once the smoke clears this weekend will end up much like the last. The major difference will be the distribution of cash flow, with a more top-heavy Social Network phenomenon grabbing the headlines. But how high will it soar? Read on!
#1 movie predicted correctly: 0 Weeks In A Row
There simply isn’t much in the way of precedent for this film. Searching for Bobby Fischer maybe? Michael Clayton? Hackers? Nothing seems to be very comparable, making a prediction on this one tough.

Add in the massive buzz coming from reviewers and you’ve got a very noisy room to predict from. It’s a good movie (though I’d argue it wasn’t a great one) and it should have a solid holdover going forward. But is it really going to open higher than The Town? October is a graveyard for drama, one has never opened above $30m for a weekend.

So I’m taking right around three million people to see it. I’m guessing most will go higher, but I’d be surprised by anything over $28m. Let the games begin!

Prediction: $22.531 million

A 38.5 percent dip and a few extra theaters equals second place.
Prediction: $11.797 million
October is great for horror films, the Saw franchise is based upon that very premise, but releasing two of them in the same weekend is pushing it.
Prediction: $11.615 million
I’ve heard folks talk about this for a Best Picture Nomination. I enjoyed myself here, but really? Best Picture?
Prediction: $11.112 million
There goes Hollywood’s big plans for a bevy of owl movies!
Prediction: $9.023 million
My one complaint about being an Internets writer? Emma Stone never calls me. Not even on accident.
Prediction: $7.175 million
I don’t think it has the marketing push or the quality of Let Me In.
Prediction: $6 million
The biggest dipper of the weekend. The big dipper, if you will.
Prediction: $4.372 million
Anyone seen a production budget here? Elevators don’t cost much, do they?
Prediction: $3.203 million
I’m guessing this cost more than the $20m it has made so far.
Prediction: $2.264 million

How say you? Be bold in your prognostications, mighty forces will come to your aid!

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