‘Expendables’ Defeat Sucky Vampires for First at Friday Box-Office


It’s hard to get excited over this weekend’s releases as a mediocre actioner battles for the top spot against a spoof movie. Just doesn’t interest me, but here’s the breakdown.

At the top is Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables, which is chasing the idea of two winning weekends in a row, though winning this weekend won’t be that tough as it would appear $15 million should be enough. Expendables brought in an estimated $5 million on Friday and will be eying that $15 million total, but in all honesty I don’t see that happening as $13 million seems a bit more likely at this point.

Nipping at Sly’s heels is the vampire spoof Vampires Suck, which brought in an estimated $4.4 million on Friday and will likely finish around $12 million.

Coming in third is the Warner Bros. comedy Lottery Ticket with a bit of a surprise considering it’s only showing in 1,973 theaters. The film managed $3.8 million on Friday and may push for a $10 million weekend. Not too shabby considering the size of the release.

Julia Roberts and Eat Pray Love came in with $3.7 million and will be battling it out with Lottery Ticket for fourth along with the weekend’s new 3D release Piranha 3D, which appears to be floundering. Piranha isn’t making much use of its inflated 3D ticket prices as it managed a meager $3.6 million and will hope for a $10-11 million weekend. Compare that to the $21 million opening Lionsgate’s My Bloody Valentine 3D made back in January 2009 and you have to look at this return a bit cross-eyed.

The week’s two other new releases The Switch and Nanny McPhee Returns will battle it out for seventh place as they earned $2.7 and $2.6 million respectively and will be happy each if they can manage $8 million for the weekend.

The complete Friday top ten is listed directly below and Laremy will be here on Sunday to wrap-up this entire lackluster weekend.

  1. The Expendables – $5 million
  2. Vampires Suck – $4.4 million
  3. Lottery Ticket – $3.8 million
  4. Eat Pray Love – $3.7 million
  5. Piranha 3D – $3.6 million
  6. The Other Guys – $3 million
  7. The Switch – $2.7 million
  8. Nanny McPhee Returns – $2.6 million
  9. Inception – $2.2 million
  10. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – $1.6 million