More ‘Love,’ More ‘Drugs’ – International Style

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs
Photo: 20th Century Fox

Shortly after the debut of the domestic trailer for Edward Zwick’s Love and Other Drugs, we have an international trailer to compare it to. Judging by the comments around RopeofSilicon and the rest of the Internet I think it’s safe to say… there is no consensus.

In some circles Anne Hathaway is a shoo-in for an Oscar nod if not a win while some commenters around these parts appreciate Hathaway but wish her leading man wasn’t Jake Gyllenhaal.

Personally (and I speak without watching this trailer or the prior), I have a feeling this will be one of the better dramas of the year, if only because it plays to Gyllenhaal’s strengths (charismatic and caring) and, while I am not a huge fan of Hathaway, I have a feeling she’s due to hit it out of the park (no, I am one of the few that don’t think she did so with Rachel Getting Married and believe Rosemarie DeWitt deserved more attention than she received for that movie).

Check out the international trailer for Love and Other Drugs directly below and if you haven’t seen the domestic version, click here to give it a watch.

Fox will release Love and Other Drugs on November 24.