Two Days Later Guggenhein Drops the Bieber Biopic


Well, it sure didn’t take long for Oscar-winning director Davis Guggenheim to drop out of the directing gig for the Untitled 3D Justin Bieber Biopic.

Mike Fleming at Deadline reports Guggenheim withdrew last night saying “he’ll be too busy promoting Waiting For Superman” to perform helming duties on the 3D biopic of Bieber, a 16-year-old YouTube popstar sensation.

I must admit, while I don’t care who does what, it was a bit shocking to learn Guggenheim was tackling such an odd production, but it’s really no more odd than him being named director only to have news surface saying he’s dropped out only 48 hours later. What gives?

We could speculate as Fleming has that “Guggenheim might have gotten too much razzing from all of his documentary peers,” but I think we all can be quite certain it had nothing to do with his promotion duties related to Waiting For Superman, which Paramount is also distributing. I hardly doubt the studio upped his PA tour schedule shortly after working out a deal with him to direct another one of their pictures.

Apparently Paramount has already begun interviewing directors for the gig. Why don’t they just call up Kenny Ortega (Michael Jackson’s This is It), Bruce Hendricks (Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour) or Peter Chelsom (Hannah Montana: The Movie)? I mean, Hendricks even has 3D experience.

The Bieber biopic is already set for a Valentine’s Day weekend, February 11, 2011 release. You can get more information on the film from my previous report right here.