What I Watched, What You Watched: Installment #53


Well, here we are, the first “What I Watched” of a new year. This week much of my time, again, was spent watching movies I have to review. This includes the Blu-ray edition of Clash of the Titans and the Criterion Blu-rays for The Secret of the Grain and Crumb, but I do have a couple of others to talk about.

Inception (2010)
QUICK THOUGHTS: I was happy to contribute $27 to Inception‘s $10 million Monday by taking a friend to go see it in the IMAX theater (a real IMAX theater) for my third viewing of the film. One thing is for certain, the sound gets a major boost in IMAX and it’s also interesting it gets the 1.44 : 1 aspect ratio in IMAX. I just wonder how much is missing from the edges of the 2.35 version. I didn’t feel like the action was being cut-off, but perhaps Nolan and Pfister shot it with IMAX in mind. I’ll have to wait to see it on Blu-ray to look a little closer.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this movie is how the conversation concerning it hasn’t really slowed that much. My interpretation of the film now has over 300 comments and seems to be getting about 10-15 more each day now. If you haven’t yet gotten my take on the film, or read the many, many thoughts of others do so now and be sure to add your own. Click here to dive in.

Bronson (2009)
QUICK THOUGHTS: My feelings on this movie are pretty much well known around this site. It made the Blu-ray edition. Some people disagreed with my review saying Tom Hardy’s acting was great (which it is and then some), but the film wasn’t. Well, to each their own. Hardy’s acting certainly does overshadow any other aspect of the story, but considering his character is on screen for damn near 100% of the movie I’d say it’s pretty hard to separate the two. I love this movie and expect I will return to it over and over again now that I own the Blu-ray edition for myself and no long have to watch the DVD check disc I was sent back in 2009.