‘Howl’ Poster Harkens Back to ’50s Era Book Covers


Oscilloscope Laboratories sent over the poster for Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman’s Howl starring James Franco as Allen Ginsberg and centered on the public obscenity trial that brough Ginsberg’s book length poem “Howl” into the mainstream.

The trailer debuted recently (and I’ve included it in HD at the bottom of this post) at which time I referenced my B+ review from the Seattle International Film Festival… here’s that snippet again:

The biggest mistake you could make would be to go into Howl thinking you are in for a Ginsberg documentary. It’s called Howl for a reason. Sure, you’ll learn a little about Ginsberg’s relationships with Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady and his companion Peter Orlovsky, but you’ll learn of them as they pertain to Ginsberg and his path to “Howl.” Those that have a knowledge of both “Howl” and Ginsberg will have a much more immediate reaction to the film as it took me a little while to warm up to the content. Open and interested minds will certainly prevail with this picture. It’s a fascinating introduction to an important piece of literature, and this movie’s existence is just one more example of that.

Howl will be released in New York and San Francisco on September 24 and in Los Angeles on October 1. From there it will expand throughout the year and you can click here for a list of cities and release dates.

Below is the poster and the trailer and you can click here for a few more images.

Photo: Oscilloscope Laboratories