Nolan’s ‘Insomnia’ Leads This Week’s Selection of DVD and Blu-ray Titles


I just posted my review of this Blu-ray and while this isn’t exactly a personal favorite, fans of this film will particularly enjoy this release. The film looks and sounds great and it comes with a solid group of special features, especially Chris Nolan’s commentary, presented in the order he shot the film. You can read my full review right here.
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Universal Catalog Blu-ray
Alpha Dog / Assault on Precinct 13 / In Bruges
This is a decent trio of films although I have no real desire to watch Alpha Dog again and Assault on Precinct 13, while fun, could be replaced by just about any other action thriller you may already have in your collection. But, In Bruges, if you don’t already own this one now is the time to pick it up. It’s a great film and a ton of fun. I hope Martin McDonagh brings his talent to the big screen again soon.
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Our Family Wedding
This one I didn’t see, but I’m just not that interested. Although I would jump at the opportunity to watch this one well before any of the films below.
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The Greatest
And now we descend into worthless territory. Other than one seen shared by Susan Sarandon and Michael Shannon this one isn’t worth your time.
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Ugh, here’s a film that caused me to write the following in my review back in March: “I can safely say this film mines the depths of human stupidity to the point it assumes the audience is just as dumb as its characters.”
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The Bounty Hunter
This one I didn’t even attempt to watch and reviews have done little to encourage me to do so. There are some movies that get bad reviews you still want to see and others you know it’s probably best you stay away. This is one I won’t be seeing, but MacGruber is one I remain interested in seeing… and it just got a street date as I mention just below…
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It just gets worse. I described this film as such in my theatrical review, “When asked what I thought of the film I told someone it was like going out to dinner with a bunch of boring people, but every so often someone said something funny making the night tolerable, but not enjoyable.”
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