Reznor Set to Score Fincher’s ‘Social Network’


Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor announced today on his blog that he and long-time producer/protege Atticus Ross are nearing completion on scoring the upcoming David Fincher film, The Social Network. The tandem also plans to release a record consisting of a condensed version of the material in the weeks leading up to the film’s October 1 release date.

This is Reznor’s first foray into scoring a feature-length film, while Ross has recently provided the poignant score for The Book of Eli, as well as a portion of New York, I Love You. I’ve added Ross’s “Panoramic” from the The Book of Eli score just below for your listening pleasure.

I’m always interested to see what a well-known rock musician can come up with when they take on this role. I’m sure many of you will instantly point to Jonny Greenwood’s score of Paul Thomas Anderson’s There Will be Blood as a favorite. Personally, Clint Mansell’s score for The Wrestler, taking advantage of Guns ‘n’ Roses guitarist Slash, perfectly captured the feel of the picture.

This announcement, paired with the biting dialogue showcased in the film’s teaser trailer (included below), has definitely piqued my interest in a film that I originally had skeptical and lukewarm feelings about.

Reznor also offers some reassurance for those who might be thinking the movie about the founders of facebook might be some sort of fluff piece, adding “It’s really f**king good. And dark!”