This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: June 22, 2010


Before I begin, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts yesterday. There have been a few technical issues I was trying to work out most of yesterday while at the same time watching the special features for The White Ribbon Blu-ray, one of today’s Blu-rays and watching the horrendous Unthinkable Blu-ray. I will have a review of all three within the next 24 hours so be on the look out. For now, let’s look at what’s hitting DVD and Blu-ray this week.

Remember Me
I really liked the idea behind this film and the approach to the subject matter. My review explains most of my opinion and if you’ve already seen the film my interview with screenwriter Will Fetters was quite the attraction for a little while there and discusses the film in spoilery detail. However, my suggestion, if you have somehow managed to avoid all details as to what this film is about, rent it and make up your own mind without the nattering ninnies in your ear. It’s not a perfect movie in terms of acting and direction, but I felt it takes the only approach to the film’s subject matter that can in anyway deliver what the shock of such a situation truly feels like.
Buy Remember Me
Red Desert (Criterion Collection)
I accidentally started watching the wrong Criterion title in preparation for this week and I am pretty much done with next week’s Blu-ray release of The Leopard, but haven’t yet cracked open Michelangelo Antonioni’s Red Desert, but I will tomorrow and will hopefully have a full review completed in the next 48 hours, this is one I truly can’t wait to see. Antonioni and Italian film for the most part are personal favorites of mine.
Buy Red Desert (Criterion Collection)
A Star is Born
This DVD arrived just before the weekend and I’m sorry but with the US Open on television and several Criterion titles to tackle this one was taking a backseat. However, I have never seen this Golden Globe winning musical starring Judy Garland and I am interested in seeing what I have been missing… for better or worse.
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She’s Out of My League
A film I found to be truly funny, but I would never suggest any of you run out and buy it. Pop it in the Netflix queue, have some laughs and forget it.
Buy She's Out of My League
Green Zone
Strangely enough, Matt Damon’s character in this one shares the same name as Tom Cruise’s character in Knight and Day. Too bad this film isn’t as much fun as Knight and Day, or even remotely interesting. I was telling someone on Twitter just yesterday this would have worked much better as a 15 minute short, considering it says everything it needs to say in about 15 minutes and then proceeds to say it over and over again for another 100 minutes. Boooooo!
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The Last Station
How Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer secured Oscar nominations for this film is beyond me. I’m not saying they are bad in it, but my god, this is just a generic Lifetime TV movie with better actors. It in no way screams Oscar as the performances are rather generic as the material does nothing for the film other than get from A-to-B without many speed bumps along the way.
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Close-up (Criterion Collection)
This is one of the Criterion titles I will have a review of online shortly and I won’t be recommending any of you pick it up, at least any of you that value your money and aren’t looking to become film theorists. I will explain further in my review, don’t want to get redundant.
Buy Close-up (Criterion Collection)