Trailer for the Pat Tillman Documentary, ‘The Tillman Story’


I could have already seen Amir Bar-Lev’s The Tillman Story as it was playing at the Seattle International Film Festival, but it was only three days after my return from Cannes and I needed some serious rest and a downer documentary just wasn’t in the cards.

The film, as I’m sure most of you know or can surmise from the title, centers on Pat Tillman, who gave up his football career in the NFL to join the Army in 2002 and was killed in combat in 2004 in Afghanistan. As the government tried to turn his death into propaganda, Pat’s family, lead by his mother Dannie, has set out to reveal the truth.

I have already heard a lot about this film from some people that did see it at SIFF and they really liked it and it sounds like a great feature, and perhaps not as much of a downer as I expected it to be. The film hits theaters on August 20 and the just released trailer can be watched directly below.