This Week On DVD and Blu-ray: June 1, 2010

Life (narrated by David Attenborough)
Figuring out which title would lead off today’s list was not easy, but since BBC is releasing the David Attenborough edition of the 11-part “Life” miniseries I guess that will satisfy. I watched most of this on TV, but Oprah Winfrey’s awful narration caused me to pack it in early, I just couldn’t stand the simple-minded approach. Plus, the series gets rather redundant with several snippets being reused and recycled. I think it was the “Predators” episode that included at least four scenes I had already seen in previous episodes. This installment certainly doesn’t live up to “Planet Earth”, but I am still interested in seeing the longer Attenborough narrated episodes.
Buy Life (narrated by David Attenborough)
The Man with No Name Trilogy
I am still hoping to receive a review copy of this one, but early reviews have not been praising the image quality such as DVD Beaver’s review here. I find it hard to believe studios still can’t get the image right on these releases and Fox and MGM Home Entertainment seem to be the one studio having the hardest time.
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Alice in Wonderland
I already reviewed this one in full right here and while I don’t hate it like so many other onliners seem to be doing, it isn’t the best of films.
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The Wolfman (Unrated)
I also reviewed this one (get that here) and this is a bad film and even worse, the unrated edition scrambles up the plotline by changing the way Lawrence Talbot is called back to Blackmoor.
Buy The Wolfman (Unrated)
Bad Boys
I like this movie and wouldn’t mind owning the Blu-ray, though this is a title I would wait until it was on sale for like $9.95 before picking up, definitely not a full retail price title.
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War of the Worlds
Eh, I think my DVD copy will suffice for this title.
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