‘Kick-Ass’ Gets Its Ass Kicked at Friday Box-Office, but Still Lands at #1


Nikki Finke at Deadline is the first with the early Friday box-office estimates (along with help from THR and Variety) and she actually had the numbers last night, but not the full top ten so I decided to hold off. However, the results are still the same, a very weak showing for both of this weekend’s new releases, and one is actually in a dog fight for the #2 slot.

Before the weekend started Kick-Ass was predicted by most to be looking at a $30 million weekend. RopeofSilicon Box-Office Oracle, Laremy Legel, went slightly under at $26.6 million with his predictions. Too bad it looks like it may not even crack $20 million after $7.5 million on Friday and an estimated $19 million for the weekend, which may also be generous given the R-rating.

I’m a bit confused as to the results actually. Kick-Ass is not a great film, but it seemed to hit the target demo right on, but I did notice disappointed reactions from early moviegoers on Twitter and even in the comment section on my “B-” review. I know it had several midnight showings on Thursday night, but word was a lot of those were empty theaters. I can understand some people looking at it as a silly superhero movie with a guy that looks ridiculous, because that was always my impression, but being in the business I was able to get a clearer picture as to what it was all about. I’m sure many people only saw traditional TV spots so I’m not sure if the true nature of the film ever comes across.

Next up, tied for #2 is Death at a Funeral, a remake of the 2007 Brit comedy directed by Frank Oz and it too isn’t a bad film, but the numbers don’t show it getting any support from early moviegoers as it managed only $5.5 million on Friday and now looks to take around $16-17 million for the weekend. I’m not sure what kept people away from this one, it’s actually not that bad, but if you have already seen the original there really isn’t much reason to see it as it’s nearly a shot-for-shot remake, but it still has its moments.

I guess the only other news is Date Night‘s ability to hold on and will actually be competing with Death at a Funeral for the number two slot and with a PG-13 rating may be able to take it. Date Night also scored $5.5 million on Friday and eyes the same $16-17 million for the weekend.

The complete Friday top ten is listed below and Laremy will be here tomorrow morning with a full recap.

  1. Kick-Ass – $7.5 million
  2. Death at a Funeral – $5.5 million
  3. Date Night – $5.5 million
  4. How to Train Your Dragon – $4.4 million
  5. Clash of the Titans – $4.3 million
  6. The Last Song – $1.9 million
  7. Why Did I Get Married Too? – $1.3 million
  8. Hot Tub Time Machine – $1 million
  9. Bounty Hunter – $965,000
  10. Alice in Wonderland – $930,000