What I Watched, What You Watched: Installment #38

Drunken Angel (1948)
QUICK THOUGHTS: Two Kurosawa films last week and one this week, but went even further back this week with Drunken Angel, Kurosawa’s first film with Toshiro Mifune and Criterion has put together a fantastic release for this film, which may not be Kurosawa’s greatest, but with the talent involved it is a film that needs to be in your collection… which is why I’m upset it’s not in mine. Starring Takashi Shimura along with Mifune I need to own this movie as it has two excellent special features (including a continuation of the Toho Masterworks series) and an excellent commentary with Donald Richie.

I apologize for not having a trailer, I couldn’t find one online, but give this flick a preview at Netflix and I’ve supplied several buying options below and hopefully I can muster up the cash soon enough to own this one myself.

Five Easy Pieces (1970)
QUICK THOUGHTS: I talked about this one earlier this week and was happy to see how many people watched the clip and hopefully many of you decided to give the film itself a watch. It’s available on Netflix Instant Play in HD so give the trailer below a watch, and if you aren’t convinced click here for the iconic scene that originated from this film that resulted in four Oscar nominations.

Death at a Funeral (2007)
QUICK THOUGHTS: I am seeing the remake next week and figured it was about time I saw the Frank Oz directed original. While this flick is funny, I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I would be. I guess that’s what raised expectations do, though I would recommend you give this one a chance if you haven’t seen it just to have seen the original before what looks like a decent remake. Though I will say Alan Tudyk is phenomenal in this film and continues to prove he needs additional exposure, although that may be exactly what makes each one of his appearances so great.

Hot Fuzz (2007)
QUICK THOUGHTS: After watching Death at a Funeral I was strangely compelled to revisit this fantastic film and if you have yet to see it I urge you to do so… right… now.

The Lady Eve (1941)
QUICK THOUGHTS: This one also gave me and idea for a post earlier this week and I really hope those of you reading this post will give it a chance. Whether you love or hate today’s rom-coms this is a film that puts it all in perspective.

There you have it. Now share your weekly recaps and weigh in with any thoughts you may have on the films I saw. And remember to connect with my Netflix queue by clicking here, I have already added several titles from those that have already linked up.