Watch the Short Films of Nash Edgerton: 1996-2007

After watching The Square, Nash Edgerton’s feature directorial debut, and before sitting down to write my review I took to YouTube to watch Nash’s eight short films, or I should say seven as his 2007 short “Spider” will play in front of screenings of The Square just as it did at my press screening.

If you’ve read my review of The Square you were probably able to tell my impression of that film was highly influenced by not only “Spider” but also from Edgerton’s seven earlier shorts, all of which I enjoyed immensely and offer here for you to enjoy as well.

If you were to watch all eight shorts it would run you approximately 80 minutes if you watched from beginning to end and it’s hard to show a preference to one or another, though two stand out as my favorites. The Pitch is short and quite comical and will likely get you to watch another. Deadline is also pretty funny, while Lucky is basically a stunt reel and Loaded is an 8-minute action sequence. The IF Thing is a quirky faux-documentary, Bloodlock is a decent familial thriller and I would say Fuel and Spider are must watches, though if you are going to go see The Square skip Spider for now and check it out in theaters.

Nash Edgerton is a member of Aussie film group Blue Tongue Films and can be found on Twitter at @BlueTongueFilms. Other names from the group include David Michod who directed the Sundance standout Animal Kingdom and is seen in The IF Thing below, Spencer Susser who directed the Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman dramedy Hesher which was picked up by Newmarket, Luke Doolan who directed the Oscar-nominated short Miracle Fish and, of course, Nash’s brother Joel who co-wrote The Square and has an acting career on the rise. It’s a talented bunch for certain and I expect we will be hearing a lot more from them in the future.

For now, check out Nash’s short film reel. For the longest time we didn’t have access to a filmmaker’s early work like this and thanks to the Internet we can. I am excited to be able to bring them to you like this… legally, and I hope you enjoy the films. Also, Nash is expected to be in Seattle this month so I’m currently planning on an interview with him soon. Stay tuned…

Loaded (1996)

Deadline (1997)

Bloodlock (1998)

The Pitch (2001)

Fuel (2003)

Lucky (2005)

The IF Thing (2005)

Spider (2007)


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