‘Alice in Wonderland’ Storms to $41 Million at the Friday Box-Office

Looks like the current March opening weekend box-office record of $70.8 million, set by 300 back in 2007 is going to go down and go down big as Disney’s Alice in Wonderland could surpass that number on Saturday night with a monster $41 million opening on Friday according to Box-Office Mojo. Just one more film taking advantage of the fact 3D ticket prices turn a film into a box-office juggernaut.

I’ve seen folks around the Internet predicting this thing to got anywhere from $100-120 million for the weekend, which would put it inside the top 15 all-time openings ever. Will it hit that mark? It’s a tough call. The film is rated PG, which opens it to many more weekend audiences than if it were PG-13 or R, but with mixed critic reviews it’s always hard to tell what word of mouth will be. The film sits at a 7.3/10 as voted by the IMDb community and over at RottenTomatoes, their community gives it a rating of 77% compared to the 53% critical response. I gave it a B- in my review and think it’s well worth a watch and wouldn’t be surprised to see it end up around $110-115 million for the weekend.

The weekend’s other new opener is Overture’s Brooklyn’s Finest bringing in $4.7 million from 1,936 theaters and a likely $13-14 million weekend. The film did not enjoy very good reviews and I expect a lot of this is due to some great trailers that would have had me going to theaters regardless of critical reviews and it looks like many others felt the same. Good on yah, hope you liked it more than I did.

I have included the complete Friday top ten below Laremy will be here Sunday morning for a complete recap.

  1. Alice in Wonderland – $41 million
  2. Brooklyn’s Finest – $4.7 million
  3. Shutter Island – $3.9 million
  4. Cop Out – $2.8 million
  5. The Crazies – $2.3 million
  6. Avatar – $1.9 million
  7. Valentine’s Day – $1.4 million
  8. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief – $1.3 million
  9. Dear John – $970,000
  10. Crazy Heart – $925,000


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