‘Transformers 3’ 30-Second Sneak Peek

Photo: Comedy Central / Photo manipulation by Brad Brevet

REMOVED: Okay, I am removing the video and closing the comments as some people are getting offended, which is then going to result in other people calling out other people and telling them they are stupid for being offended and the wheel will continue to turn. I just thought the mashup of craziness was comical and didn’t think twice about the Ebert quote so many people are upset with, but I guess what rolls off my back doesn’t necessarily roll off everyone’s and I apologize if people got upset. In the interest of maintaining civil conversation I have removed the video. You can still watch it here if you like, but that’s it for this article.

Are you ready for Transformers 3 on July 1, 2011? Well, here’s a sneak peek… Personally I like the part with the explosions…

Bye Bye Video

BOOM! Thanks to good ol’ Roger Ebert for the heads up.


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