How Well Do Your Friends Know Your Taste in Movies?

How well do your friends know your movie tastes? This question came to my mind over the weekend when I texted our box-office guru Laremy Legel asking him if he thought I would like the Coen brothers’ film The Hudsucker Proxy. Little did he know I had just finished watching it and wanted to see if he his prediction would be spot on. His reply:

No, it’s too zany and PG for you.

Considering it’s an opinion relayed in a quick text it’s a solid snapshot as anyone that read my most recent What I Watched column already knows, even though I would say I am more so-so on the film than to say I outright didn’t like it. That said, I think Laremy understands my tastes to a point he could watch 10 films and most likely come away with at least 90% accuracy as to what my opinion on each film would be, at least to the point where he could determine whether I should see a specific movie in the theater, wait to rent it or skip it outright. Such a friend is invaluable considering the time and money investment movies have become nowadays.

Most of my other friends don’t take movies as seriously as Laremy and I do, so predicting their tastes isn’t an exact science. One of my friends could just eat up any dumb popcorn movie you throw in front of him. It was around the time he told me he like Confessions of a Shopaholic that I pretty much gave up on him. Another friend enjoys most any blockbuster, but is willing to admit when something is bad. He liked Transformers but was willing to admit Watchmen was a stinker. I could pretty much offer him anything I consider above average and he would be happy.

My family is pretty easy to read, although my sister is an enigma wrapped in a riddle — what she’s going to love is almost an impossibility. Although, put on Clueless or a little “Seinfeld” and she’s sold — I can respect that.

So what about you. Any friends you turn to for instant advice? Do you have friends or family that rely on you for the latest word on upcoming films?


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