Sony Classics Continues Oscar Hopes with ‘Get Low’

I wasn’t going to add Robert Duvall to my Oscar prediction tracking until a studio acquired his Toronto Film Festival favorite Get Low, but it seems Sony Pictures Classics has taken care of that for me as they have added Aaron Schneider’s debut film to their upcoming slate making for their second big acquisition of the day following the earlier announcement of their pick-up of the Israeli feature Lebanon.

I brought up all the acclaim surrounding Get Low in my most recent Oscar update as Toronto Festival press were eating up Duvall’s performance as a Tennessee hermit named Felix Bush who decides to throw his own funeral party while he’s still alive and also stars Bill Murray, Lucas Black and Sissy Spacek.

There is chatter that both Murray and Spacek may have a shot at an Oscar bid along with Duvall who appears to really be a major contender based on talk. I would say Spacek is fighting an uphill battle with a lot of ladies contending for the five supporting actress spots, but Murray may be able to sneak in as a supporting actor if his performance does indeed hold up. We’ll have to wait and see.

There is not announced release date for the film yet, but I would suspect we are looking at a December 2009 limited run. You can click here for more on the film, and I have attached a clip directly below.


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