Which One Will You Choose? ‘Final Destination’ or ‘Halloween II’?

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In our second attempt at an audio commentary Laremy and I take a little over four minutes of our time to discuss this weekend’s release conundrum pitting Dimension’s Halloween II up against New Line’s The Final Destination, something Laremy describes as a game of chicken that just went horribly wrong.

With Lionsgate’s Saw franchise grabbing the Halloween release time-slot with a strangle hold for the last five years it’s obvious there is no sense in going up against it, but with that in mind why exactly did New Line decide to release the fourth installment of one of their most popular horror franchises on the exact same weekend? Is there a benefit here we are failing to see?

So Laremy and I tackled the question, between the two films, which one will take the top spot at the box-office and which one would you see? Of course, we can’t forget Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds will be vying for that very same top spot.

Be sure to vote in the poll and listen to Laremy and I discuss the situation directly below.

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