Quentin Tarantino Lists His Top 20 Films of the Last 17 Years


Someone on Facebook just asked me about my favorite films, a question I am never a fan of because you will undoubtedly forget a film, or two, or three, or four, and so on… So, when Quentin Tarantino lists his top 20 films since he began directing films 17 years ago (or 15 depending on when the video was made) I wonder how his list would change in a sit down conversation with a couple of beers. As the titles are tossed out there are invariably going to be those you forgot to mention. However, it’s always interesting to hear filmmakers comment on other films.

It looks to me like this video was actually made two or three years ago since Tarantino’s Death Proof is playing along, which makes me wonder why it didn’t make the blog rounds until now (via In Contention). It’s also unfortunate he doesn’t elaborate too much on his selections other than a quick comment on Dogville, The Matrix and Unbreakable.

Of the list I have seen all of them except for von Trier’s Dogville, Joint Security Area from Park Chan-wook, The Blade from Tsui Hark and Battle Royale by Kinji Fukasaku (this one was already near the top of my Netflix list). I am surprised to see Woody Allen’s Anything Else on the list, I personally got nothing out of that movie, but other than that I can see a lot of what he is talking about when it comes to the other selections, not that many of them would make my own personal list, but there are certainly a couple to consider.

Check out the video below and stay tuned as even more Tarantino goodness is coming your way this week around these parts as Inglourious Basterds hits theaters this Friday.