QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Judd Apatow?

Judd Apatow and Adam Sandler on the set of Funny People

Photo: Universal Pictures

With the upcoming release of Judd Apatow’s third directorial feature, Funny People, I thought the writer/director/producer was the perfect choice for this week’s quiz.

Apatow’s first two films (The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up) both grossed over $100 million domestically and his name has become the number one name in comedy since and now with Funny People there is even talk of potential Best Picture nominations on the horizon so wouldn’t it make sense we get to know this guy a littler better?

Check out the sample question below or click here to get started:

Judd Apatow was a producer on the hit comedy Superbad, who directed it?
Jesse Dylan
David Gordon Green
Adam McKay
Greg Mottola
Harold Ramis

Funny People hits theaters this Friday, July 31, for more information click here.


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