Get a Load of Megan’s Foxy Fangs from ‘Jennifer’s Body’

The red band trailer is now online and today you get a first real look at what lies beneath those plumped up lips as Fangoria has unveiled the first official look at Megan Fox and her possessed choppers from 20th Century Fox’s Jennifer’s Body due in theaters on September 18.

The film was written by Oscar-winner Diablo Cody and was directed by Aeon Flux helmer Karyn Kusama and tells the story of a gorgeous cheerleader is possessed by a demon and starts feeding off the boys in a small Minnesota farming town, her “plain Jane” best friend must kill her, then escape from a correctional facility to go after the Satan-worshipping rock band responsible for the horrible transformation.

Along with Fox as the demon spawn cheerleader, the film stars Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody, J.K. Simmons and Kyle Gallner and has already earned an R rating from the MPAA for sexuality, bloody violence, language and brief drug use.

Comments that were posted with regard to the trailer pretty much relied heavily on people noting “Megan Fox looks gorgeous” and then some keeping a level head saying, “Poor Megan Fox can’t act.” But for the most part people seemed mildly enthused about the film.

If you missed the trailer I included it below for a second look and you can click here for a full-sized look at the picture from Fangoria.