‘Ice Age 3’ Bests ‘Transformers 2’ With $13.8 Million Opening


Well, box-office prognosticators are going to have their hands full this weekend trying to decide if Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs will be able to take the top spot ensuring Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen only enjoys one weekend at the top. Early estimates have the third film in the animated franchise getting off to a promising start with an estimated $13.8 million on its opening day (via Variety), besting Revenge of the Fallen‘s $10.9 million by almost $4 million. Of course, I don’t think Paramount/Dreamworks are shedding any tears with the film having now reached $240 million domestically and over $450 million worldwide.

The other big weekend film is Universal’s Public Enemies, which is certainly having an effect on everyone that sees it, both negative and positive, and appears to be off to a pretty good start with an estimated $8 million on Wednesday, but will word-of-mouth kill it or help it hold on for a strong five-day opener? Going to be interesting.

If you’ve seen Public Enemies already head on over to my review and add your opinion in the comments. I’m curious to see where everyone else falls on this film. Click here to join in the conversation.