QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Will Ferrell?

Last week I featured our first quiz in almost six months asking questions about Pixar Animation Studios and to my surprise only three people got all ten questions correct so far. However, I have a feeling a few people will do a little better with our latest brain teaser as we celebrate this weekend’s release of Universal’s Land of the Lost with a ten question quiz focused on funny man Will Ferrell.

The questions range from his days as a star on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” to his career in feature films. Some of the questions are really easy and some will actually test your knowledge.

Check out the sample question below or click here to get started:

Will Ferrell played a fashion mogul in Zoolander, what was his name?
Maury Ballstein
Jacobim Mugatu
Flattus Maximus

Land of the Lost hits theaters on June 5, for more information click here.


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