‘After the Wedding’ Remake Recruits Belle and Wilkinson

I am sorry to say I have never seen Susanna Bier’s 2007 feature After the Wedding, but considering how much I loved Things We Lost in the Fire it is something I have hoped to finally get around to watching ever since. And hopefully I will get a chance to see it before the English-language remake hits theaters as the project appears to be gaining traction.

The film will be directed by Michael Caton-Jones (Basic Instinct 2) and tells the story of an expatriate social worker who runs a Mumbai orphanage on a tight budget and receives a mysterious multimillion-dollar donation from a Western businessman. Joining the cast are Tom Wilkinson and Camilla Belle.

After the Wedding will go into production in the fall.

Of course, we all know Wilkinson, but this should be a real chance for Camilla Belle to show us what kind of talent she really has. Belle has been the pretty face in front of the camera for recent films such as When a Stranger Calls and 10,000 B.C. as well as this year’s Push, but none of them have allowed her to exhibit any source of real talent. Perhaps now we will see what kind of chops she has.


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